Monthly Archives: June 2013

Mission Statement

One of the primary lessons I learned in business school was the power a¬†thoughtfully¬†crafted mission statement can have in a business. Used correctly, a mission statement gives every employee direction in their daily activities, it empowers them to make their own decisions because they know what’s important to the business.

Whole Foods has a great example of a mission statement, and they’ve done it as a list of core values:

  • We sell the highest quality natural and organic products available
  • We satisfy, delight, and nourish our customers
  • We support team member excellence and happiness
  • We create wealth through profits and growth
  • We serve and support our local and global communities
  • We practice and advance environmental stewardship
  • We create ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers
  • We promote the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education

I’ve tried to blog before, but I’ve often lost focus and abandoned the blog after a few months. To help combat this, and to give myself guidance going forward, I’m going to try and capture my desires for this site in a mission statement….here goes.

This site exists to:

  • Share things I’ve built and done on the web so that others might stand on my shoulders and build something better.
  • Create a record of the things that I’m proud of accomplishing.
  • Force me to slow down and document what I’m doing and where I’m going.

Alright, with that on paper, lets go.